15th October 2016

We are excited to announce that we are now OPEN at our new espresso bar in Whitstable.

We look forward to welcoming familiar faces as well as new customers to our new shop. As well as the finest coffee and baked goods, we are also offering a carefully selected range of coffee equipment and beans to enable you to create your own coffee experience in the comfort of your own home.


14th May 2016 

We are now closed at The Twelve Taps, Whitstable. We would like to thank all of our customers, new and old,  for the incredible support and appreciation of the speciality coffee. During our short time at 102 High Street, many new friendships have been made and we hope you will visit us at Whitstable Train Station for the same quality coffee, albeit in a slightly different environment.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Blueprint Coffee at The Twelve Taps 

7th March 2016 

We’re delighted to announce that from Easter Weekend and therefore later this month, we’ll be open and serving coffee at 102 Whitstable High Street.

In collaboration with Becca and Libby, the former owners at Waltshaws of Harbour Street, Blueprint will provide specialty coffee in the form of an espresso and brew bar from 8am-4pm, 6 days a week at their new venture, The Twelve Taps.

We’ll be providing our usual small batch roasted, painstakingly sourced coffee beans alongside a wide selection of locally baked goods.

This new location will operate as a Pop Up alongside our current business at Whitstable Train Station.

We hope that existing and longstanding customers, as well as new faces, will join us at this new and exciting space.

Catherine & Daniel 



Artisan/ n. a skilled worker who makes things by hand- a craftsman, a technician.

We use the word ‘Artisan’ in our name because at each step in its journey, from farm to cup, our coffee is developed by skilled craftspeople. In using a top quality supplier- in our case Ozone Coffee- we ensure that only sublime Arabica beans from the most appropriate altitudes reach our customers. Using a supplier with vast, industry leading experience in sourcing, roasting and cupping means that excellence becomes a byword and ‘Quality Prevails’.

It’s important to us at Blueprint Coffee that each stage of the coffee sourcing process is ethical and artisanal. The farmers who grow our coffee are paid fairly and directly  by our roaster at prices above the ‘fair trade’ rate.  Farm workers and not just owners receive a living wage- a far cry from unfair practices from the past.

Each bag of our coffee beans is roasted on a small scale, cupped to establish a profile of flavor and balance and established as a saleable single origin coffee or blend. Coffee arrives at Blueprint within 3-4 weeks of leaving the farm. Ozone supply roast dates and tasting notes. In turn we serve our coffee to our customers within three weeks of the roast date.

Barista training is a long process and can take years to perfect. At Blueprint Coffee we return regularly to our roasters for training, to sample and discuss new coffees and to remind ourselves what a precious commodity we work with daily. Bitterness, flat tasting coffee and boiling hot coffee are not things we could serve with any dignity.

The word ‘Artisan’ has become overused but we at Blueprint Coffee consider every day the responsibility  we shoulder in the use of this word . We believe that our coffee reflects the backbreaking work, research, skill and passion at each stage of the coffee process and does justice to the craftspeople involved along the way.

Current Weather: 30th November:

During this morning ‘s wet and windy weather we incurred over £150 worth of damage due to a sudden gust of wind taking away our (tied down) parasol- thankfully no-one was injured. We do aim to trade at Whitstable  Station on every working day but the recent combination of wind and rain has made this very difficult.  As we state on our website, the aim of Blueprint Coffee is to serve the best, carefully prepared, drink possible and to do justice to the beans we use from one of the leading bespoke roasteries in our business, Ozone Coffee.  Difficult weather conditions affect every aspect of delivering good coffee; the pour is not true, timing takes longer and securing a lid becomes a battle with the elements. We’ll therefore be appearing less on wet and windy weather days over this winter. On predictable weather days it will be business as usual from 6-10.

Queuing, trains and your coffee:

We’re grateful to be such a busy provider of coffee and before certain trains the demand for coffee is especially high. We only ask that our customers show some patience during busy times and form an orderly queue. We use an entirely manual coffee machine which makes two double shot coffees at once.  Recently there has been some queue jumping (and attempted queue jumping).  If you are a coffee drinker who cannot wait or if you know you haven’t left enough time, our friends at Chocolate Box Newsagents have a push button self service coffee machine. Feel free to use it rather than ask us to make you a 30 second coffee.