Our produce and us


Our house blend coffee is Ozone’s ‘Empire’ blend.

Ozone are a leading small batch roastery based in London, EC2. Traceability in coffee is of paramount importance to us and Ozone are at the forefront of maintaining genuine relationships with coffee producing farmers and their families. Their knowledge and attention to detail in selecting beans is second to none.

Blueprint Coffee espresso

We offer occasional guest coffees from other like minded roasteries.

In addition to brewing coffee we sell whole beans or ground coffee in 250 gram bags to use to at home. Daniel is happy to advise on home brew methods.


The water in each cup of Blueprint coffee is purified by the ‘reverse osmosis’ method and we use a 3M filter. This removes the harshness and impurity of Kentish hard water and vastly improves the quality of our brew method.

water is purified using reverse osmosis


Our milk is sourced from Hinxden Farm Dairy in Bennenden, Kent where Sally and Graham Manford run a dairy herd producing the highest quality milks, yoghurts and creams. The Hinxden herd grazes on grass during the summer and is loose housed on straw during the winter. When not feeding on grass each Hinxden cow eats a mix of home grown hay and maize silage with cereal based concentrates. This produces high quality rich milk which compliments the taste of our excellent coffee beans.

Blueprint uses Hinxden organic milk

Our coffees are served at temperatures which range between 55 and 65 degrees. At higher temperatures the proteins in milk begin to break down resulting in a sour tasting drink.


To accompany our coffee we sell a variety of baked treats which we create at home. The emphasis is on good natural ingredients, locally sourced.

We also partner with local suppliers for pastries and to create menus for events.These include fabulous pastries and cakes from local bakers who share our ethos of provenance and quality.

Cups and packaging

We use Vegware as our sole packaging supplier. Vegware cups are made from plant based materials.  Lids, sleeves and spoons are all biodegradable and we recycle our packaging each day. We always have, and always will use recyclable and compostable packaging.